I have continued to be active within Gray’s Inn. From January 2017 I have been Chairman of the Gray’s Inn Barristers’ Committee and a member of the Gray’s Inn Management Committee. I am an approved advocacy trainer and continue to train students and pupils.

I am a member of a number of specialist bar associations, including the Professional Negligence Bar Association, the Commercial Bar Association, the London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association. I am a member of the Executive Committee of the PNBA.

One of my particular commitments is to social mobility and training/mentoring for young people coming to the Bar. I am approved as a pupil supervisor and responsible for work experience (as distinct from mini-pupillages) in chambers. I regularly host students for work experience through initiatives such as the Social Mobility Foundation and the Bar Council’s Placement Scheme. For many years, I helped organise the Paris Bar Exchange programme. I have been a mentor for Gray’s Inn students since joining chambers.

I have an interest in wellbeing for lawyers and am a member of the Bar Council’s Wellbeing at the Bar Working Group and of 4 New Square’s Wellbeing Committee.   

I live in Kent with my wife, two children and our dog, Nugget. Dog lovers might enjoy this  light-hearted article about dogs in the law.

photo of our dog, Nugget

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